Improving waste water treatment capabilities in JiangNan

Ekpac’s integrated solution platform assisted JiangNan Sewage Treatment procure advanced sewage treatment equipment from Israel & to obtain financing of US$15m from ASHRA

TIME: 2014-7

CLIENT: Jiangnan

CATEGORY:  Waste Water Treatment

Knowledge Sharing

Roadshow to explain the waste water treatment rate in Israel is extremely high at 80% with very advanced technologies

Blueprint Designing

Tailor made solution with key technical data to show how Israeli technologies on the network of water pollution pump, blower and microfilter can meet the client’s needs while balancing optimal cost efficiencies

Technology & Capital Planning

Supplied 7 types of systems, 1,000+ equipment types from 5 suppliers in 4 countries; Arranged US$15m 10-year loan from US EXIM bank

Project Executing

Co-ordinated the procurement & financing process, while assisting the client with on-site inspection, VAT and import tax rebate, customs clearance, transportation logistics and installation

Impact Enhancing

Periodic Review technology efficiency, relevance & application

Our Impact

Types of technology procured
Global suppliers contracted
Countries of origin sourced
Technology financed (USD)