Fire & Rescue

Upgrading Fire & Rescue abilities in Anyang for public safety

The construction of many high-rise buildings witnessed China’s urbanization while increasing the complexity of the fire & rescue mission. Ekpac’s technology platform assisted Anyang Firefighting Brigade to procure and finance US$8m advanced fire-engines with state-of-the art chassis, aerial apparatus and pumpers that would effectively improve their fire & rescue abilities for public safety.

TIME: 2014-2017

CLIENT: Anyang

CATEGORY:  Fire & Rescue

Knowledge Sharing

Roadshow & discussion to explain types of firefighting technologies available globally

Blueprint Designing

Tailor made solution with detailed options based on technology strengths & applications while balancing optimal cost efficiencies

Technology & Capital Planning

Supplied 88 equipment types from 12 suppliers in 3 countries; Arranged US$8m 7-year loan from US EXIM bank

Project Executing

Co-ordinated the procurement & financing process, custom declaration, shipment and delivery logistics, commissioning and training

Impact Enhancing

Periodic Review technology efficiency, relevance & application

Our Impact

Types of technology procured
Global suppliers contracted
Countries of origin sourced
Technology financed (USD)