Case 2


Enhancing irrigation efficiency for a grape wine plantation of 70,000mu

Ningxia Irrigation would like to improve farming efficiency to conserve water & fertiliser used.  Ekpac’s technology platform assisted Ningxia Irrigation to procure Israeli’s leading Drip Irrigation Technology & to obtain financing of US$33m from ASHRA

TIME: 2014-2016

CLIENT: Ningxian (Phase 1)

CATEGORY:  Agriculture

Knowledge Sharing

Roadshow & discussion to explain types of Irrigation Technologies most suitable for the dry weather in Northwest China

Blueprint Designing

Tailor made solution with detailed options to compare US spray irrigation systems vs Israeli drip irrigation technologies

Technology & Capital Planning

Worked with suppliers to design specific irrigation systems based on hydration & humidity levels of the plantation.  Supplied 56 Irrigation systems / 211 equipment types from 7 suppliers in 2 countries; Arranged US$33m 12-year loan from ASHRA

Project Executing

Co-ordinated the procurement & financing process, while handling system installation according to weather seasonality and humidity

Impact Enhancing

Periodic Review technology efficiency, relevance & application

Our Impact

Types of technology procured
Global suppliers contracted
Countries of origin sourced
Technology financed (USD)